You’ve probably heard of the Free State Project, an effort to get liberty lovers to move to New Hampshire, so that at least one state in the union won’t suck too bad. There are thousands of libertarians, anarchists, and voluntaryists living in New Hampshire RIGHT NOW. I’ve seen ’em working on blog posts in coffee shops; I once was one of two people wearing a Mises Institute t-shirt in a grocery store. Once I was lost while driving some back roads and a car with the license place BITCOIN pulled in front of me.

Free Staters get things done — they are crawling all over local politics, local business, and any form of activism in between. Liberty as a lifestyle. And they have way more fun than you do when you nitpick minute word choices in forums, you stinkin’ wonk. (Hey, I do it, too.) Online communities are alright, but an actual community . . .

My family moved to New Hampshire in the 90’s, but for the same reasons many people leave Taxachusetts and the other wicked places in the leftist northeast: lower taxes, more freedom, and the view ain’t bad, either.

I’ve spent the last few years devoting considerable time to documenting my experiences with the Free State Project. The FSP hosts numerous events throughout the year — most importantly their winter conference, Liberty Forum, and their summer freedom festival, PorcFest. I’ve shown up with my notebook and investigative journalist hat for some free-wheelin’ reportage (thanks to Rick Rule for that compliment). I’ve also spent some time at unofficial gatherings of people who associate with the FSP and have written about those as well. My write-ups of various FSP events have brought this blog hundreds of hits from all over the world — while most of my typical posts hover around 17 hits — and will remain here as long as is still floating among the clouds.

My FSP stories play a prominent role in the narrative told thoughout the wild ride! blog. By themselves, however, they make for hours of interesting reading. I hope they can provide value for people. I think it’s pretty cool that all these stories are right here in one place.


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Here’s to New Hampshire’s lovely future of freedom. Come find me at PorcFest. I’ll show you around. We’ll burn flags and notebooks and pens and reason magazines in the firepit. Live free or die.