Happy One Year Anniversary!

One year ago tonight I was a very different person. The state wouldn’t allow me to drive, I was living in a town where I knew no one. I was desperate for friends. I was used to living in places where I didn’t drive, didn’t have friends. I didn’t matter, really.

I was bored one day a few months prior and googled my favorite blogger, Jeffrey Tucker– he used to write on Mises, and where was he? I found the wiki page and was curious about this strange site called It had a bird on the front page and a link to get emails. I clicked. Then I donated some money and got some free things and realized the potential.

In the early days of, the chat was the hot spot. It was raging! There was this guy named @danielbolden. He was my favorite. He’d show up and talk about his chicken coop, his million kids, then he’d introduce the weirdest topics into chat just to make us all go UHHHH.

Yes, circumcision was a nightly debate topic in the chat on way back then. I also remember once I said I don’t wash my pans and @mattgilliland thought that was gross. He likes to cook. I like to look at dirty dishes. You know? My food tastes better. Someday we can cook-off. Maybe at PorcFest…

In the early days, I got to know a few people real well: if you count GIFs as personality. @anthonytrusgnich was pretty good at not responding to personal things in the chat, but man, he knew the GIF to post. At some point, chat became a GIF war. Then I would wander into the chat and wave my arms in the air and yell, STOP THIS GIF MADNESS!

how to cope with in

how to write and chat at once

A GIFless chat suddenly appeared. I swear. @grantbrown created a GIFless chat. Then @patrickhatten would test the fence. He’d post pictures. He’d post anything but a GIF. Then one night he said he wanted to post a GIF, but I swore I’d report it, for the sake of the contractual law — the private property rules we all agreed to — add “lol” to every chat message, btw — and he didn’t post it. But in the Anything Goes chat, he posted a GIF of a raptor. That sly bastard. Clever girl…

Once this guy named Jack showed up. He was cool. I still like him. But he was a little bit edgy. Hey, we’re all anarchists and libertarians here. Jack was pretty much a born rebel. If you’re a minarchist, he’s the anti-statist who kicks dirt, hoping it lands in your face to see if you act statist as a defense.

I like Jack and I don’t push him around because I “get” him, but one night I supported his idea to start a site on His first post was rather….uh….pornograhic. It was mostly humor, but he is the sort of personality to push the boundaries. He kicked a little too much dirt…

The next morning, I got a report in the chat. His site was deleted, he left the site, and I realized I prompted it. His was the first real messy break up with

I learned that he left the site contractually, after they deleted his post and he insisted on a deletion/refund, or whatever. Peaceful solutions in a Jetsons world.

I’m also possibly the first’er to meet other’ers in person. At PorcFest 2013, I met my amies Adam and Jess. Adam and I are both from NH and we shared a campsite at the weeklong annual Free State Liberty festival. Jess drove up from Philly with her boyfriend. When I sat back and watched Bob Murphy up on the stage, and Jess sat next to me, it was the happiest feeling to know I had a pal in this world. Next summer, Adam and I are plotting out a great site. You know you can find me there! Just get in touch, ami…

that bob murphy!

that bob murphy!


I’m probably the first’er to meet another’er in a natural setting. He is @dwperry. He was selling books in Agora Valley, and when I told him my site, he told me he was a member of the site, as well!

Im not even telling you half the story, but that’s because you weren’t there. I’m the first member of to do all those things.

I’m looking the other direction — at the articles I will be writing for my wild ride! and the articles you will be reading in the future on this wonderful site called!

What is the first thing you did as a’er?


P.S. for you, @jackitalism, the name that wouldn’t matter if I didn’t mention it……………………….